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Chen Jinpu: Pass on confidence

Chen Jinpu: Pass on confidence

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(Summary description)Editor's note: The restructuring of state-owned enterprises has gone through more than ten years, and many achievements have been made.The enterprise we are paying attention to today has gone through every stage of the socialist economic construction of New China; in its more than 50-year development history, it has also had glory, hesitation, ups and downs.Qingshan is still there.

Chen Jinpu: Pass on confidence

(Summary description)Editor's note: The restructuring of state-owned enterprises has gone through more than ten years, and many achievements have been made.The enterprise we are paying attention to today has gone through every stage of the socialist economic construction of New China; in its more than 50-year development history, it has also had glory, hesitation, ups and downs.Qingshan is still there.

  • Categories:Company news
  • Author:
  • Origin:
  • Time of issue:2018-01-16
  • Views:186

Editor's note: The restructuring of state-owned enterprises has gone through more than ten years, and many achievements have been made.The enterprise we are paying attention to today has gone through every stage of the socialist economic construction of New China; in its more than 50-year development history, it has also had glory, hesitation, ups and downs.Qingshan is still there. What remains unchanged is that it is still the Beijing Valve Factory. What has changed is that this large-scale state-owned key backbone enterprise, which formerly manufactured high and medium pressure valves and steam traps by the Ministry of Machinery Industry, has successfully completed a comprehensive restructuring through cooperative mergers and acquisitions in 2003.After the restructuring, Beifa not only regained its youth and vitality, but also started the second glorious journey of Beifa.



Let us join Chen Jinpu, Gu Wenshi and their new team at the helm of the new Beifa to interpret today's Beifa Spring.Chen Jinpu: Born on October 10, 1967, from Nan'an, Fujian Province. He is currently the general Manager of Beijing Valve General Factory (Group) Co., Ltd., the vice Chairman of the Capital Entrepreneurs Club, and the Executive Vice President of the Beijing Quanzhou Chamber of Commerce; and the Executive Vice President of the Beijing Nan'an Chamber of Commerce, and the Honorary Consultant of the Beijing Nan'an Chamber of Commerce in the Beijing University Alumni Association; won the Leyu Yingcai Award from the Beijing Quanzhou Chamber of Commerce and the Beijing Nan'an Chamber of Commerce.The Beijing Valve General Factory (Group) Co., Ltd., led by him and Chairman Gu Wenshi, has developed into the vanguard of the national valve industry. It is one of the top 500 Chinese machinery companies and the vice chairman of the Valve Industry Association.

Kant said that there are two things in the world that can deeply shock people's hearts, one is the lofty principles in our hearts, and the other is the brilliant starry sky above our heads.

Perhaps Chen Jinpu's head was shining with such a brilliant starry sky.On October 10, 1967, Chen Jinpu was born into a poor peasant family in Dongtian Town, Nan'an City, Fujian Province. 18 years ago, he came to Beijing with a dream. Like many young people who are not far behind, he started as a little-known apprentice. The spirit of hard work and hard work has achieved his career today.Never know how to start, look more, think more, and be willing to work hard. In the fierce business arena of Beijing, work hard and act quickly, and develop into the general Manager of Beijing Valve General Factory (Group) Co., Ltd., the vice Chairman of Beijing Capital Entrepreneurs Club, and the Executive Vice President of Beijing Quanzhou Chamber of Commerce. Among them, he has become a member of the mechanical valve Industry arena.

A person with only a second-grade education in elementary school, a person who suffered from bitterness when he was young, a person who suffered cold eyes when he was a teenager, and a striver who suffered silently when he encountered any suffering in his youth. What kind of unknown excitement, bitterness and ambition is accompanied by this experience?What will we think of the story of a private entrepreneur who successfully acquired a state-owned enterprise to achieve its comprehensive and healthy development?

Difficult past

At the great moment of destiny, all the virtues of the people-caution, obedience, diligence, and caution-are to no avail. It always only requires a genius and makes him an immortal image.Fate contemptuously shut out those who were afraid of their heads and tails.Destiny, another god in this world, is only willing to raise the brave high with warm arms and send them to the heaven of heroes.

 ———Stephen Zweig

The bottom and the weak, sometimes the concepts of a particular era, have a certain relativity, and even move and transform each other.Chen Jinpu's experience is actually imprinted by the times. He represents a class of people who have transformed from fearless people to business managers and operators in the difficult years of the past.

You can imagine how poor Chen Jinpu's family was when he was a child.He recalled that when he started studying in the first year, the tuition fee was only two yuan, and the family divided it many times before paying it off.In school, like many children from poor families, he went to school barefoot. He was young and active, and it was common for the soles of his feet to be scratched.Before the age of 16, it can be said that he hardly wore shoes, sometimes only a pair of clogs.But he is very sensible and does not compare with others.When he was very young, his father's traditional strict education made his son always remember: “To be a man, you must follow the right path, not the crooked way.To have ambition, you must be able to bear hardships and stand hard work.As long as the poor come to our door, they have to give them a bowl of rice.”

In the second grade of elementary school, he dropped out of school and went out to work in a coal mine.Although parting is a kind of bitterness, it is more the painstaking care of his family.He understands that parents, like everyone else, need dignity.They hope that their son's success will become a wall of dignity, and they don't want their children to be like themselves, with barren mountains and hoe baskets for the rest of their lives.

But Chen Jinpu firmly believes that everyone has their own growth process, and no one is born to make things.Chen Jinpu said, “My difficult years are not a fragment, but a long period of time. Sometimes I think about the way I stumbled, and I really want to shed tears...”

It was this young man who pretended to be bitter in his heart, but still insisted on finding a way out. At the age of 17, he followed his elder brother-in-law out to learn to do valve business, and began his first step towards making a living on his own.He is very studious, diligent, and able to endure hardships and hard work.Due to insufficient nutrition and excessive toil, the sequelae of physical deficiency have been left behind.

A year later, fortunately, he won the first pot of gold of 30,000 yuan in the valve business.When he was full of joy and carried the 30,000 yuan with a face value of ten yuan home to the lunch table, his father thought that his son had robbed the bank, and he would beat his son without saying a word. Picking up the wooden stick!Now recalling the first taste of sweet fruit in Shanghaizhong and the simple and kind scene of his father, he is sincerely proud.

After that, he packed his bags again.In 1997, he came to a chemical company in Beijing to negotiate valve business, and the first order made a profit of more than 70,000 yuan.Valve marketing is really his strength.For more than 10 years of going out to do business, his business has been selling valves, all kinds of valves.To this day, he knows a lot about the technology, uses and prices of various valves.

Chen Jinpu, who is used to sales, understands that private enterprises are generally weak compared to state-owned enterprises and do not have much economic voice. If you want others to value yourself, you must become bigger and stronger.This kind of thought always lingered in his heart.Once a private enterprise becomes bigger and stronger, its status is not comparable to that of an ordinary state-owned enterprise. If it happens to be a large local tax payer, then it has a good reason to be rich and well-endowed, and it is more qualified to obtain a certain right to speak.

Do business, seven skills, three skills

You will be surprised that Chen Jinpu has the dual genes of struggle and luck.After hard work and unremitting efforts, he has basically completed the original accumulation of capital.In 2002, he began to enter the queue for the joint-stock reform of Beijing Valve Factory, and three years later, he officially entered the production and sales role of industrial valves.

China's manufacturing industry has its own characteristics: it has formed a highly refined industrial chain with a division of labor, providing distinctive industrial cluster effects, competitive advantages and relatively low manufacturing costs.

In 2005, the Beijing Valve Factory was facing a difficult period of operation, and the situation was chaotic and on the verge of collapse.At this time, after discussing with colleagues from Quanzhou Nan'an Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Chen Jinpu decided to cooperate in the acquisition of this enterprise.Now the company they control has grown into a group company.

Chen Jinpu settled the group company in Lvhai Road, Pangezhuang, Daxing District, Beijing. The modern factory buildings and office buildings, dormitory buildings, canteens, basketball courts, gyms, parking lots, and green belts together constitute an elegant and chic work and rest environment.

The company currently has 3 luxury buses to pick up employees to and from work. In this regard, Chen Jinpu told reporters: "Beijing is too big. If there is no shuttle bus to pick up and drop off, it will be very inconvenient for employees to get to and from work, which will affect their work.Therefore, solving the shuttle problem is tantamount to solving the actual problems of employees and enterprises.In addition, we have also installed air conditioners for the staff dormitory, which is one of the few among the many companies we have come into contact with.”From these simple and plain words, the reporter felt his concern for the employees, like a spring breeze turning into rain, bit by bit, moistening things silently.Chen Jinpu hopes to build a cohesive and leading team, just like a well-trained army, invincible and invincible.And as a good manager, he must not only care about employees ideologically, but also put it into practice so that employees can deeply feel the benefits that the company brings them.Everyone picks up firewood and the flames are high, and the prosperity of the enterprise is a matter of course.The people-oriented scientific outlook on development has been truly implemented in the company.

On January 15, 2008, Beijing Valve General Factory (Group) Co., Ltd. was established and Beijing Jinwanli Investment Co., Ltd. was announced.It heralds that Beijing Valve Group has ushered in a new spring of development and launched an era of innovation to build a century-old brand.

Single value standards and multiple value standards are like the difference between a TV station with only one channel and satellite TV.A harmonious, tolerant and mature society, of course, requires outstanding politicians, but it also requires painters, writers, entrepreneurs...We need those who are diligent and professional in ordinary careers. Like Chen Jinpu, in any field, as long as you love your career enough, persevere and work hard to be the best, then you are as worthy of respect as the best politicians, and your achievements are enough to make you proud for a lifetime.

Tenacity and focus

What is needed now is not the degree and scale, but the direction. It is the idea and courage to overcome the difficulties in front of you, the ability to find a way where there is no way, and the foresight to see what others can't see. The ability to foresee.

 ———Kenichi Omae

“People's energy is limited, and it is impossible for one person to do everything, and so is the enterprise.The operation of thick lines requires scale to create high total profits, while the refined operation that focuses on consumers emphasizes that a single product can create profits for the enterprise.To greatly increase the profits created by a single product, we must focus on the products that we can do the best."Chen Jinpu has repeatedly emphasized to the group's employees that good products are the foundation of the company.

Yes, when an enterprise operates in rough lines, the only way for it to grow is to continuously expand its scale. When the scale reaches a certain level, it must operate in multiple directions to maintain continuous growth.

To focus on doing a few things means changing the entire business policy, and it also means that a group of people are eliminated, even the entrepreneurs themselves.However, this depends on the change of entrepreneurial consciousness. Will Chen Jinpu put his bold philosophy changes into practice?How many of those new ideas that were really put into practice have finally succeeded?

He said: “I hope that the leaders of our departments, especially the number one, must tolerate people with different characteristics, even those who oppose themselves.To engage in such a difficult and magnificent valve cause as ours, can we not mobilize thousands of troops and horses?”

Those who frantically thought they could change the world were the ones who finally changed the world.

Becoming a member of the Communist Party of China as soon as possible is his dream wish, and you will no longer think he is crazy.“Before that, I never thought that the son of a poor farmer would develop into the general manager of Beijing Valve General Factory (Group) Co., Ltd.,” He wrote in the application for joining the Party: “I volunteered to join the Communist Party of China.I will work harder and harder, strive to join the Communist Party of China as soon as possible, and fight for the cause of communism for life.Ask the party organization to test me!”In June 2007, he was approved by the General Party Branch of the group company to become a party member development target, and now he has become an honorable member of the Communist Party of China.

Every business manager hopes to be able to strategize, grasp the changes in the times, and become a good schemer.Chen Jinpu is no exception.However, the road to the good schemer is full of hardships, and the manager may not only tread through the thorns, but may even get lost in the way of finding a way.

At this time, he has become a sober and pragmatic decision maker, which is one of the core elements of the sustainable development of the group company.He said: “The current joint-stock system determines the personnel system of the group company, which is very conducive to the stable development of the group company in the future.But this approach also has disadvantages: first, it is easy to inbreed, thoughts are not easy to collide, and vision is not easy to let go.The second is that it is easy to form gangs and factions, which is not conducive to unity.However, if we can handle it properly, we can turn unfavorable factors into favorable factors.”

Playing chess can be regarded as a shortcut to enter the realm of good strategy. The “dead” and “alive” in Go can often be reversed, and the current advantages and disadvantages can often be reversed. This reversal and reversal is not simply due to luck, but more to the player's previous planning.

The same is true of Chen Jinpu's formulation of corporate strategies. He clearly knows that a certain layout of the leader may not get short-term returns, but it is of far-reaching significance for the long-term development of the enterprise.

In the competition of business tactics, the two sides have an influence on each other. It is not just a simple either-or competition, but everyone is born together.For an enterprise like Beifa, resources are limited. Beifa can use resources for self-improvement and improvement, and can also use all its energy to defeat competitors, but the real victory is to achieve the goal rather than defeat the opponent.“Don't win for the sake of winning” is an invisible philosophy.

He has always regarded the company's employees as his friends, family and business partners.He said: “The period of working in the Beijing Valve Factory was a very brilliant and unforgettable time in my career.The achievement of the valve factory depends on the rapid development of the country, on the guidance of the shareholders, on the effective work of the teams of various departments, and on the work spirit of all the employees of the valve factory who are entrusted with their lives and promise each other with the most precious youth.”

If the winner can look at the overall situation, know how to advance and retreat, formulate strategies based on the advantages and disadvantages of each region, make them cooperate with each other, and take advantage of the situation, he can win.This trend is the overall situation, that is, the overall change in the market environment.

As a market-oriented standard and leader, Chen Jinpu fully implemented the reform of the sales system in 2008, and officially divided the group's national sales business into five large regions. The first sales area: Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei; the second sales area: Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia; the third sales area: Liaoning, Shandong, Shaanxi, Hainan, Xinjiang, Ningxia; the fourth sales area: Henan, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Anhui, Qinghai, etc.; The fifth sales area: Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Shanghai, Gansu, etc.The five deputy general managers of sales of the group company are responsible for the management.All contact matters that occur in the sales business of each area are directly the responsibility of the deputy general manager of sales of each area.The five deputy general managers of sales are fully responsible to the general manager of the group company.This year's sales revenue is expected to exceed 500 million yuan.

For him, who has always emphasized that doing things must be perfect, strive for the best.Chen Jinpu made it clear: “A strategy without development is not a good strategy, a team without development ability is not a good team, and a number one without development performance is not a competent leader.”

How to stay forward-looking in an era of rapid change?How can we create an environment conducive to innovation and adventure?How can we build a united team?These issues are always lingering in Chen Jinpu's mind. Economic globalization has become more prominent and uncertain. In this special era, there are more and more challenges.Where is the future development of Beifa?What kind of innovation does Beifa need?Is Beifa's talent reserve sufficient in the process of rapid development?On a series of issues such as the competitiveness of technological innovation, Chen Jinpu looks forward to leading this team into a new stage.

Looking back on his reading career, his heart was sour, there was not much sweetness, only too much bitterness and unforgettable cruel life.When his later career developed to a certain level, he already felt the importance of acquiring knowledge and renewing his knowledge.So he decided to go to Peking University to study and train at his own expense, and successfully completed his studies.

“The foreign and domestic markets combined should have sales of 1 billion next year.”His words are as heavy as light, and he is full of confidence in the business prospects of the enterprise.The sense of accomplishment he was looking forward to in his heart encouraged him to run the business quickly.

Drinking water and thinking about the source, deep love.On the afternoon of May 12, 2008, a magnitude 8 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan, and the whole of China was trembling!Chen Jinpu actively donated funds to the Wenchuan earthquake.In his initiative and organization to raise donations, the group company raised a total of 330,000 yuan and remitted it to the disaster area.He donated nearly 1 million yuan to build a 3-kilometer mud road in his hometown into a wide cement road.……

“I am a farmer. I have been a farmer for 18 years. The suffering and fatigue I have suffered are no longer very special to this day. I have already endured the most difficult and painful things. I think I can persevere in leading the Beifa team to meet the challenges in the future. I work very hard and will try my best to find a way. Of course, I am also very good at learning.”

It is such an entrepreneur unique to a special era. You can't deny that he is very good, and it can even be said that he is very outstanding. The spirit of struggle he insists on is amazing and even more impressive.For such an entrepreneur, the market has given considerable patience. He has also undergone the baptism of business. He sometimes doesn't even know where his coordinates are, but his persistent exploration of spirit, true self and true enterprise may have shaped a different competitive model.

Simple, simple, and full of doubts, the commercial market was caught off guard. The seller of the faucet actually bought the manufacturer of the faucet, Chen Jinpu. He stretched the commercial imagination infinitely and made Beifa full of spring expectations!

【Quotations from Chen Jinpu】

▲Hard work and hard work are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. Without this spirit, there would be no current group company; if there is no hard work and progress, the company will stagnate.Therefore, it is necessary to focus on promoting these two spirits, and there can be no relaxation at all.

▲We want to develop the valve industry. Of course, the key is product innovation and brand innovation. We must put all resources in these two most important areas so that the company can grow.

▲Our achievements have benefited from the country's reform and opening-up policy for the benefit of the people, and from the ancient motto of “Family harmony and prosperity”. We must continue to work together with one heart and one mind, work hard and make unremitting efforts.

▲Strengthening the moral norms of the company's employees and preventing them step by step is essential to the sustainable development and prosperity of our business.To this end, we often summarize past experience and use it as a code of conduct in the daily work and life of our employees to abide by and encourage each other.

▲Times are changing, the environment is changing, and people's thoughts and concepts are also changing.We must live in peace of mind, and we must not rest easy.We must forge ahead in the changes of the times, and we must not be depressed in the changes of the general environment.

▲I don't think there is anything that can be done absolutely, and there is nothing that can be done absolutely.

▲To be an enterprise, you must not only have a sense of responsibility and mission, but also work together with all employees to build a harmonious and happy modern company and build a brilliant tomorrow together!

▲It is difficult to say that you can keep eating when you are full. The development of Beifa has now entered the second stage of entrepreneurship. A series of transformations and reengineering must be carried out, and innovation must be persisted.

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