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Speech by the chief CEO

Speech by the chief CEO

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The charm stage of Beifa General Factory Co., Ltd.

Beijing Valve General Factory Co., Ltd., formerly known as Beijing Valve General Factory, was established in 1952. It is an enterprise manufacturing high and medium pressure valves and steam traps by the Ministry of Machinery Industry founded in New China. It is the chairman unit of the Valve Industry Association and a member unit of the Valve Standardization Technical Committee, the director unit of the Special Equipment Safety and Energy Conservation Promotion Association, and the Beijing Municipal Contract-abiding and trustworthy Unit and an honest enterprise.

As a high-quality enterprise in the valve industry, Beifa General Factory Co., Ltd. has been committed to building a united, ideal and passionate team, pursuing innovative and enterprising spirit and vigorous vitality.The employees of Beifa General Factory Co., Ltd. actively participate in the innovation of technology, management and business models, and jointly expand the space for enterprise development and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Innovation and the pursuit of excellence have become the distinctive characteristics of the development of Beifa General Factory Co., Ltd.

Over the years, Beifa General Factory Co., Ltd. has been committed to creating a harmonious and innovative working environment, cultivating and tapping talents of all levels and types, and bringing together a group of industry elites who are good at management, understand management, have professional and technical knowledge, and constantly pursue excellence.This is our most valuable asset, and it is also our first gift to all the members of Beifa General Factory: a good working atmosphere, some colleagues who are knowledgeable, capable, and willing to teach by words and deeds, a broad space for development, and a charming stage.

As a Beifa person, what should be kept in mind is that the pursuit of excellence mentality is itself an element of success, and team awareness and professionalism are the source of continuous improvement of one's own value.

In the future, Beifa General Factory Co., Ltd. will continue to consolidate its main business centered on manufacturing valves, while broadening the development direction of valve design, engineering services, industry standards and other fields.So as to provide customers with rich, broad and valuable service projects, we pursue to solve the various needs of customers from a professional perspective, bring customers a perfect product experience, and make Beifa General Factory Co., Ltd. A trustworthy brand in the industry.I believe that through our continuous exploration and hard work, Beifa General Factory Co., Ltd. will develop into an excellent valve manufacturing enterprise in China!

Finally, I would like to say thank you again to all those who have accompanied the growth of Beifa Shares!


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